Combining M15A M20A M30A with DC1

The Perfect Combination - Commercial PV Systems with M15A / M20A / M30A Flex and DC1 Data Collector

Solar PV systems on smaller office buildings or apartment blocks have special requirements in terms of performance, safety and system monitoring. With Delta's inverters and system monitoring, you are well prepared for this application scenario.


M15A / M20A / M30A inverters

These inverters feature a compact IP66 enclosure and advanced technology. With no fan to exchange heat with the environment, the inverters are efficient and whisper quiet - perfect for use in office and residential buildings.

The standard communication interface is Wi-Fi for wireless connection to a smartphone, Wi-Fi router or the DC1 data collector.

Arc detection, reverse polarity protection, AC and DC type 2 surge arresters and other features contribute to high operational safety.


DC1 data collector

As the central communication interface, the DC1 collects operating data from the inverters and transmits it to the MyDeltaSolar Cloud, where the PV installation is managed. The DC1 is connected to an Internet router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.  In addition to reading data, the DC1 also writes data to all inverters simultaneously.

All inverters are set up and commissioned concurrently using a smartphone and the DeltaSolar app. Individual settings for a single inverter can be made at any time by connecting the smartphone directly to the inverter.

For visualization of energy flows such as feed-in or self consumption in the app or in the MyDeltaSolar Cloud, Delta also offers the P3 power meter as an extension module.


System monitoring in the MyDeltaSolar Cloud

MyDeltaSolar Cloud is the web-based management tool for solar PV systems with Delta inverters. It can be used to monitor and visualize the operating data of the entire system and each individual inverter. The optional e-mail notification provides immediate information about important events in the plant.

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