• M250HV solar inverter
  • View of the M250HV input panel
  • M250HV solar inverter
  • M250HV solar inverter
  • M250HV solar inverter

Power in a new dimension

The M250HV Inverter has a maximum output power of 250 kVA and an input voltage range from 500 to 1500 V DC, making this high-performance inverter particularly well-suited to large, megawatt-scale ground-mounted solar plants. Also featured is a peak efficiency of 99% and has built-in and replaceable AC and DC-side Type 2 SPDs (surge protection devices).

Highly versatile utility-scale solar inverter

12 MPPT trackers and ultra-wide MPP operating voltage range (820 to 1350 VDC) provides flexibility in your PV system design. Suitable for 640V to 920V AC Grid voltage and total 30 pairs of Amphenol H4 connectors are available with 6x 2 pairs per MPP + 6x 3 pairs per MPP. Compatible with Sunspec protocol. Chassis is wall-mountable or ground-mountable with protection class IP66 for harsh environmental conditions.  Convenient and separate AC wiring and communication compartment make installation easier and allows safe access to the cables. 

All-round performer with cost advantages

Compared to a central inverter, the M250HV string inverter will not require additional string combiner boxes. Because of the relatively low weight, pickup trucks and simple lifting devices are sufficient for transport and lifting the unit at the installation site. Four transport handles are included in the scope of delivery, allowing lifting of the inverter.

High yields inverter delivers on all levels

To avoid negative effects from PID (Potential Induced Degradation) on your solar modules, Delta M250HV features an integrated anti-PID solution. Q 24/7 feature provides reactive power to the grid, thereby implementing a healthy system. Integrated wireless communication via Sub-1G in combination with DC1 data collector and MyDeltaSolar App enables system monitoring. Arc fault detection is featured to help ensure a safer PV plant operation.

More clean energy in warmer climates

Improve the performance of your power plant and maximize your revenues with an inverter capable of delivering 250kW, even under extreme operating conditions and local ambient temperatures of up to 50° C.


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