PLC100 Converter


In Powerline Communication, a device is required to transmit and receive data. When transmitting data between two devices, the data is first modulated at the transmitter. This modulated signal is then superimposed on the AC or DC power supply voltage. This means that the data signal travels along the same wires that carry electrical power, reducing the need for additional cabling. At the receiver end, the data is extracted by separating the power supply voltage from the modulated signal using a filter. The modulated signal is then demodulated to retrieve the original data. This process ensures that the data can be accurately monitored and managed.

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Powerline Communication

Powerline communication (PLC) can significantly reduce cost as no additional RS485 cabeling is needed. The PLC100 converter is needed if you want use this communication option for our M225HV and M350HV inverters.


Data exchange with the inverters is via Powerline Communication with a transmission range of up to 1000 meters. The connection to the management system can be realized via RS485 or Ethernet.

Easy mounting

The PLC100 can be easily mounted on a DIN rail in the junction box. A DIN rail for wall mounting is also supplied.

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