Delta Debuts New High-Performance M100A Flex 3-Phase PV Inverter at Intersolar 2022
May 11-13, 2022

Delta Debuts New High-Performance M100A Flex 3-Phase PV Inverter at Intersolar 2022

Delta, a global leading provider of power and thermal management solutions, will showcase its latest solar photovoltaic inverters for residential, commercial rooftop and large-scale power plant applications at Intersolar 2022 in Munich. 

EPCs, distributors, PV installers, investors, financial institutions and private homeowners will be able to learn why Delta’s PV inverters are important for carbon reduction, clean energy production and for energy independence, and how the use of its solutions helps to meet increasingly important Net Carbon Zero goals and less dependency on fossil fuels.  

Commenting on its presence at Intersolar 2022, Andreas Hoischen, Senior Director, Photovoltaic Inverters Business Unit, Delta EMEA, said: “In this carbon energy-conscious age, there is growing awareness and demand for solar-generated power solutions in every aspect. An on-site PV can form part of a green building certification, further adding to their appeal. Therefore, we think there will be considerable interest in our new M100A Flex as it is a versatile inverter that helps increase energy yields and is well suited to rooftop and solar park installations.” 

M100A Flex - Offers attractive features for large commercial rooftop PV plants

The M100A Flex is the latest addition to the new Flex series and joins the M50A and M70A, which were both introduced last year. Ideally suited to large rooftop PV plants, the M100A Flex supports both wall and ground mounting. This provides the flexibility required for this application type, which also including arc fault detection, AC/DC Surge Protection Devices Type 2 (DC optional type 1+2), anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation), reverse polarity protection and string monitoring with rapid I-V curve data output. It also offers other system-owner-friendly features, like the renewed DeltaSolar APP 2.0 monitoring for iOS and Android smartphones. 

M250HV string inverter for utility-scale solar in any climate

Delta’s M250HV string inverter can accommodate high input voltages (up to 1,500 volts) while delivering 99 percent peak efficiency thanks to advanced technologies including its 12 MPP trackers. With a maximum output power of 250 kVA and an input voltage range of 500 to 1500 VDC, this high-performance inverter is well-suited for large, megawatt-scale ground-mounted solar plants. The inverter’s cooling system keeps operating temperatures in range through a combination of natural convection and fans so it can perform well in areas that experience very high outdoor temperatures. It offers flexibility and efficiency for more profitability. 

M15A/M20A/M30A Flex – The perfect choice for PV plants with low-noise requirements

Delta’s popular M15AM20A and M30A Flex follows the same design concept of the bigger Flex series to bring high compatibility to many environments. Therefore, the inverters are suitable for residential and small commercial PV systems, as they feature AC connectors for easy and safe connecting, 2 or 3 MPP trackers for 2 DC strings each, an integrated Wi-Fi for monitoring via WLAN router plus arc fault detection for maximum safety. it is ideally suited to residential and other noise-sensitive locations, as prescribed in the Buildings Decree for residential, childcare and educational functions.

To see the full range of Delta’s solar solutions, please visit Delta’s booth at Intersolar 2022, Messe München, Munich, Germany, Stand B3.230 from 11-13 May. More information regarding the full range of Delta’s solar products is available at