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Delta’s Virtual Tradeshow – the Easy Way to View New String PV Inverters and e-Mobility Solutions

Delta’s Virtual Tradeshow – the Easy Way to View New String PV Inverters and e-Mobility Solutions

Delta has been participating at Intersolar for many years, as it is an ideal platform to present its latest solar and e-mobility solutions. Although this year’s exhibition was cancelled, Delta is still keen to engage with the delegates that would have attended, to offer them the opportunity to see its latest products.

In order to do so in a safe and convenient way, Delta has created a virtual tradeshow, which is now live and will be online until July 17. Helping to capture the audience’s attention, is a 360 degree stand tour and video on-demand feature. The starting point for the tour can be found here:

Thanks to Delta’s virtual tradeshow, visitors can view photovoltaic and e-mobility solutions for residential, commercial, public and utility applications. The highlights on display, include:

M250HV string inverter for ground-mounted solar arrays

One of Delta’s solutions to be featured, is its M250HV string inverter. With a maximum output power of 250 kVA and an input voltage range from 550 to 1500 V DC, this high-performance inverter is particularly well-suited to large, megawatt-scale ground-mounted solar plants. The M250HV optimises electrical generation for photovoltaic systems with its peak efficiency of 99 percent. In addition, the higher input voltage results in lower current, which allows for smaller cable diameters and reduces energy loss during operation.

Furthermore, a sophisticated cooling system ensures that the operating temperatures are always within the optimum range for the electronics. A combination of natural convection and fans is used to ensure air flow through the device, and to prevent hotspots from forming inside the housing. This makes the M250HV ideal for use in areas with very high outdoor temperatures.

M50A for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop arrays

Another highlight of Delta’s virtual tradeshow, is the new M50A three-phase string solar inverter with 55 kVA maximum AC apparent power for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop systems. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, the M50A is easy to transport and install.

Meanwhile, the six MPP trackers give the system planner more flexibility when arranging the module strings, helping to maximise yields. With ground-mounted systems, module rows can be set up with minimal spacing. Potential shadowing can be compensated by smart allocation of the MPP trackers. Even complex rooftop systems that have multiple sections with different alignments can be easily implemented using the M50A.

M30A for commercial rooftop arrays

The new M30A three-phase string solar inverter with 33 kVA maximum AC apparent power is ideal for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop systems. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, the M30A is easy to transport and install.

The three MPP trackers provide the necessary flexibility in the alignment and arrangement of the module strings to minimise energy losses and maximise energy yields. Potential shading can be compensated by smart allocation of the MPP trackers. The M30A has integrated string monitoring function and reactive power compensation in night operation.

E-mobility charging solutions

As the demand for EVs increases, another highlight from Delta is its highly efficient, reliable and user-friendly EV charging solutions for the fast charging of electric cars. Being presented by Delta is its 200 kW Ultra Fast Charger for fast recharging in long-distance traffic, the DC Wallbox with 25 kW and the AC Max with 22 kW for commercial applications and charging at home. Also worth a closer look, is Delta's V2H (Vehicle to Home) solution, which enables EVs to be integrated into a home's energy supply as a temporary battery storage unit.

UFC 200

Delta’s 200kW Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) is ideally suited to EV Infrastructures designed to support next generation e-vehicles. It provides the convenience of a single station installation combined with the ability to charge up to four cars at the same time. Two charge points are available for DC quick charging (up to 200kW), and two charge points are available for AC charging (up to 2x 22kW). This product is best suited to applications like fast charging corridors, parking lots, service stations, logistics companies, and urban traffic hubs.


22 kW AC MAX EV Charger is an innovative wall-mount charger boasting leading power output. In addition, Delta’s AC MAX offers extremely low stand-by power, over-the-air remote upgrade capability, lightweight design (about 3.8kg), networking capabilities, OCPP protocol support for back-end integration, as well as an RFID reader for user identification. The aforementioned features provide a valuable proposition to charging point operators (CPO) in office buildings, retail facilities, hotels, parking lots and residential communities. The high power output of the 22kW AC MAX helps EV drivers to enjoy reduced charging time by up to 70%. Delta’s 22-kW AC MAX Charger not only maximises the value of its functions, but it also comes in three versions for different usage requirements—a basic version for standalone use, a smart version for distributed networking management, and a premium version with an attached certified meter for payment applications.

Delta invites delegates to come and view its virtual tradeshow which is online until July 17, and is accessible via the following link:

If you would like to contact one of our PV experts, please find a contact form here:


Delta M250HV Solar Inverter

Delta M50A Solar Inverter

Delta M30A Solar Inverter

Delta UFC 200kW Ultra Fast Charger

Delta AC Max EV Charger



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