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Nowy falownik solarny M125HV firmy Delta do dużych naziemnych instalacji fotowoltaicznych
8 lipca 2019 r.

Nowy falownik solarny M125HV firmy Delta do dużych naziemnych instalacji fotowoltaicznych

Firma Delta Electronics, jeden z najważniejszych na świecie dostawców urządzeń zasilających i rozwiązań do zarządzania energią, wprowadziła na rynek nowy trójfazowy falownik stringowy do instalacji fotowoltaicznych. Model M125HV o mocy 140 kVA wyniósł maksymalną wydajność falownika Delta na nowe wyżyny i gwarantuje optymalizację wydajności dużych naziemnych instalacji fotowoltaicznych dzięki najlepszej w branży sprawności szczytowej na poziomie 99,2%. 

Top performance for large ground-mounted installations

The M125HV has a maximum output power of 140 kVA and an input voltage range of 860 to 1600 volts. A single unit can handle up to 20 strings connected via Amphenol connectors. These features make the M125HV particularly well-suited to megawatt-scale ground-mounted installations. This high-performance inverter offers considerably higher yields than other inverters thanks to its peak efficiency of 99.2 percent. The high input voltage results in lower current, which allows for smaller cable diameters and minimizes energy loss.

“The M125HV is a good decision for solar operators in every respect,” said Andreas Hoischen, Director PV Inverter Sales for Delta EMEA. “With this new inverter, we’re setting a new benchmark for performance, bankability, and usability. These benefits are particularly important to operators of large ground-mounted solar systems.” 

Rugged, safe, durable 

The intelligent cooling system combines natural convection with active ventilation using outside air. This means no hotspots will develop inside the housing and the electronics always remain within the ideal temperature range. As a result, the M125HV operates flawlessly even in regions that experience very high outdoor temperatures. The rugged, IP65-rated aluminum housing ensures that neither dirt nor moisture can get inside the electronics.  In addition, the printed circuit boards are protected by a surface finish.

Delta has pre-installed type 2 surge protection devices on the input and output sides to guard against overvoltage. In addition, DC disconnect switches have been integrated into the class II terminal box. The M125HV also contains no electrolytic capacitors and therefore has a particularly long service life. 

Control and monitoring — detailed, yet simple 

The Sunspec protocol that the M125HV uses greatly simplifies installation and monitoring for solar installers and operators. This technology allows the inverter to easily integrate into the respective system with all the major parameters for remote monitoring displayed in detail, including I-V curves for each individual string. In addition, operators can use either third-party solutions or the new cloud monitoring solution MyDeltaSolar, allowing them to have a clear overview of their operating data right down to the last detail. 

The M125HV at a glance

  • 99.2 percent peak efficiency
  • As many as 20 strings via Amphenol connectors
  • Remote control and monitoring options via a Fieldbus system
  • Type 2 surge protection devices preinstalled on the input and output sides, connection hardware for type 1 available
  • Aluminum housing with IP65 protection for the internal electronics
  • Terminal box with protection class II and robust screw terminals on the DC side
  • All-in-one-design with DC disconnect switches and surge protection on the AC and DC sides
  • No electrolytic capacitors to achieve a particularly long service life
  • String monitoring including measurement of the I-V curve at each individual string
  • Reactive power supplied at night
  • Anti-PID
  • Sunspec-compatible

The new M125HV inverter from Delta is available immediately in selected European countries.

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