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Delta to Showcase New High-Efficient Flex Series 3-Phase Inverters at Solar Solutions International 2021
September 28-30, 2021

Delta to Showcase New High-Efficient Flex Series 3-Phase Inverters at Solar Solutions International 2021

Delta Electronics, a global leader in power and thermal management  solutions, will be exhibiting its new solar photovoltaic inverters at Solar Solutions 2021 in Expo Haarlemmermeer from September 28 to 30. 

Delta will be introducing a series of new inverters, ranging from 15 kW up to 250 kW, offering a complete solution from residential, commercial rooftop to large ground-mount application for the Dutch market. 

“Our Flex inverters are highly efficient and offer advanced features such as arc fault detection and Anti-PID,” said Michiel Klees, PVI BU Sales Manager Benelux, UK & Ireland. “The M50A Flex and M70A has maximum system engineering flexibility thanks to features such as 6 MPPT, 18-10 strings, wide input range, wall & floor mounting. Besides, Delta offers a personal approach to its customers when they purchase inverters from us or have questions for our service team.”

Full range of Flex series three-phase inverters for various applications

The M50A Flex is part of the new Flex series which was introduced with the M70A last year and is a technological twin of the M70A. Both inverters target large rooftop PV plants and offer the flexibility needed for this application type: 6 MPP trackers (M50A: 12 DC strings, M70A: 18), a wide input voltage range, as well as the option for wall and ground mounting. To meet the special safety requirements of rooftop installations, various safety features have been integrated, such as arc fault detection, integrated AC and DC surge protection Type 1 (Type 1+2 optional), or reverse polarity protection.

The M15A, M20A and M30A Flex inverters are recently introduced as well which follows the same design concept of the Flex series bringing high compatibility. These inverters are suitable for residential and small commercial PV systems, featuring AC connector for easy and safe connecting, 2 or 3 MPP trackers for 2 DC strings each, integrated Wi-Fi for monitoring via WLAN router. Its quiet in operation (maximum 31.6 db(A)) is also highly appreciated for the residential application.

M250HV – The perfect choice for super-large ground-mounted PV plants

The new 250 kW string inverter with input voltages from 550 to 1500 VDC is specially designed for big scale ground-mounted PV plants in the upper megawatt range. Up to 30 DC strings can be connected to its 12 MPP trackers. The AC connection box with a movable cable gland plate is designed to make the handling of the heavy AC cable as easy as possible. Additional features such as Anti-PID and Pro-EL (Electroluminescence) functionality to detect problems with PV modules help EPC's keep their PV systems operating at the highest levels.

To see the full range of Delta’s solar solutions, please visit Delta’s booth at Solar Solutions International 2021- booth D15 in Expo Haarlemmermeer from September 28-30.

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