M125HV_110 Gen1

Maximum profitability

The M125HV Inverter has a peak efficiency of 99.2% and has built-in and replaceable AC and DC-side Type 2 SPDs (surge protection devices). Type 1 SPDs can be installed optionally.  Maximum apparent power 140 kVA / 125 kW active power. Modular fan section with smart fan control gives unit full power operation up to 50°C ambient. Only 3 wires needed for AC connection (IT Mode).  

Flexible applications

Suitable for 600V AC Grid voltage, Al or Cu AC cables are easy to install (multi-conductor cables or single conductor cables thanks to optional AC plate) and within 50mm2 up to 185mm2. 20 pairs of H4 UTX 4/6mm2 connectors for DC connection with individual string fused inputs and individual current monitoring. 1 MPP tracker with a high operating input voltage up to 1500V. Compatible with Sunspec protocol.

Cost advantages

Compared to a central inverter, the M125HV string inverter will not require additional string combiner boxes. Because of the relatively low weight, pickup trucks and simple lifting devices are sufficient for transport and lifting the unit at the installation site.

State of the art features

To avoid negative effects from PID (Potential Induced Degradation) on your solar modules, Delta M125HV features an integrated anti-PID solution. Q at night feature provides reactive power to the grid even outside normal feed-in periods, thereby implementing a healthy system. IV Curve measurements are supplied by the inverter to help in performance analysis of your PV system. 

Wygodne drzwiczki z łatwym dostępem

Wygodna, oddzielna komora AC z wygodnymi drzwiczkami ułatwia instalację. Wbudowane urządzenia SPD typu 2 AC i DC z certyfikatem ochrony II Opcjonalnie można zainstalować urządzenia SPD typu 1. Obudowę można zamontować na ścianie lub do podłoża dzięki stopniowi ochrony IP65.


Ze względu na zmiany w naszym modelu M125HV należy zwrócić uwagę na różnice i numery katalogowe, jak poniżej:

Model Delta Part Number Typical Noise Emission DC Connectors
M125HV_110 Gen1 RPI124M110000 75 dB(A) @1m, ambient 25 °C UTX
M125HV_111 Gen2 RPI124M11100 71.5 dB(A) @1m, ambient 25 °C H4 Plus






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