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The Smarter E / Intersolar 2023 retrospect
June 30, 2023

The Smarter E / Intersolar 2023 retrospect

The interest in this year's Intersolar 2023 was impressive. In this article we look back on a very successful exhibition for Delta and present our product highlights ...



This year's The Smarter E / Intersolar impressively demonstrated that the energy transition has arrived in society. Interest in the show in general and in Delta's product range in particular was high. Delta was able to conduct successful business talks in all three product areas - solar inverters, electric mobility and industrial battery storage systems.


From the large number of products that Delta displayed at its booth, we present here one device from each product area that was of particular interest to visitors.


Solar Inverter product line - M125HV  

Great interest in the M125HV for ground-mounted systems in the megawatt range

Delta has been successfully developing string inverters for large ground-mounted systems for many years. This includes the M125HV with 140 kVA output power for up to 20 module strings. Robust, reliable and quick to install - these are the characteristics that are important for outdoor applications. With certifications for VDE-AR-N 4110, 4120 and 4130, it can be used in medium and high voltage systems.


Electromobility product line - SLIM 100 charging station

Versatile in configuration, the Delta SLIM 100 is ideal for semi-public use in companies.

With the SLIM 100 charging station, companies can extend their services to customers who park on the company premises for a short period of time. The total power of 100 kW is dynamically distributed between the two parallel DC charging points. In parallel, a third car can be charged with up to 22 kW via AC; the plug types are configurable. The charging station can be integrated into charging networks and managed, for example, with DeltaGrid®. RFID or optional credit card systems are available for authentication.

Companies with large rooftop solar installations can use solar power for charging. An inverter suitable for this type of system is the M100A with eight MPP trackers and many safety features.


Industrial Energy Storage product line - Skid Modular System

Fully equipped skid system block with two PCS 100 kW, connection cabinet and three battery storage units with a total capacity of 800 kWh; parallelizable

With rising electricity prices, greater independence from the public grid is a critical economic factor for many companies. Delta's modular and scalable Skid battery storage system acts as an efficient energy buffer, e.g. to temporarily store solar energy to compensate for peak loads. With the DeltaGrid® energy management system, you can easily monitor not only the Delta Skid system, but also other Delta devices in the building, such as solar inverters or charging stations for electric cars.


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