• M125HV 1500 VDC solar inverter - For large ground-mounted PV plants
  • M125HV 1500 VDC solar inverter - View on internal components
  • M125HV 1500VDC - Connectors on the underside of the inverter
  • M125HV 1500 VDC - The AC cable gland pulled out with multiple sealings for different cable sizes
  • M125HV 1500 VDC solar inverter - Backside with mounting plate for wall mounting

Maximum profitability

The M125HV_111 Inverter offers a 140 kVA maximum apparent power and 125 kW maximum active power and has a peak efficiency of 99.1%. It is certified according to VDE-AR-N 4110 / 4120 / 4130.

AC connection

The AC connection is located in a separate terminal box with front door.

The cover of the cable feed-through can be removed including the cable gland. As standard, the M125HV comes with a cable gland for a 4-core cable with 33 to 77 mm cable diameter. Alternatively, a cover with 4 cable glands for single-core cables can be ordered. The screw terminals of the AC connection are suitable for aluminum cables (95 to 185 mm2) and copper cables (50 to 185 mm2).

Replaceable Type-2 AC surge protection devices (SPD) are installed in the inverter.

DC-side components

The M125HV has one MPP tracker for up to 20 module strings. All module strings are fused with 20-A string fuses (DC+ and DC-). Optional 15-A and 30-A fuses are available. Replaceable DC surge protection devices Type 2 are installed which can be replaced with Type 1. 

The Amphenol H4 Plus connectors for the module strings are located on the bottom of the inverter. The plugs for the DC cables are delivered with the inverter. The internal DC side components are accessible through a large front door.

The M125HV has two mechanical DC switches.

Installation options

The rugged enclosure is IP65 rated and suitable for harsh environments. The intelligent cooling system with replaceable fan modules allows operation at temperatures up to +60 °C.

Mounting plate and mounting brackets for wall mounting are included. Mounting feet for floor mounting can be ordered as an option.

Easy commissioning and monitoring

For easy commissioning and parameter setting with a smartphone and the DeltaSolar app, the inverter is equipped with a Bluetooth® interface. In addition, a communication card with RS485 ports (Modbus RTU with Sunspec protocol), digital inputs, dry contacts and 12 VDC power supply is located on the underside.

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