Substantial Advantages for Installing A Solar PV System



1. It's good for the environment

A clean, renewable energy source without harmful emissions that is plentiful and free: the sun.

2. Independence from increasing utility costs

The electricity produced from your PV system has a fixed monthly cost and once paid off the electricity produced is free for the homeowner for the life of the system.

3. It can increase your home value

Home buyers now are seeking properties with PV systems for the added value.

4. Solar energy systems are durable

The PV panels are made to be as strong or stronger than the roof  without moving parts, they are tested to withstand extreme conditions such as hail and snow. The Delta PV inverters are designed for durable use with IP65 protection rating and cast aluminum chassis.

5. Solar electricity can be used day and night with an energy storage system

With the purchase of a battery energy storage system, the homeowner can store solar electricity during the day and use it at night for optimum home energy use without the worry of ever increasing utility bills. 

6. MyDeltaSolar Cloud monitoring service is free to use for the first five years

To install the service that is compatible with all Delta PV systems please check with your local installer or fill out the contact us form to find out more.

7. Solar is the future

Fossil-fuel companies and dirty energy generators make up less and less of the power grid in many countries as clean renewable energy like solar PV are gaining more ground in an effort to improve air quality and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. 

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