DC1 data collector

DC1 Data Collector

Manage and monitor all Delta inverters in your PV plant

  • Collect all relevant data from your Delta inverters
  • Manage multiple PV plants in the MyDeltaSolar Cloud
  • Connect to your Delta inverters via RS485 or Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with third-party monitoring solutions
  • Digital inputs, dry contacts, dynamic power limitation

System Diagram

The DC1 collects all inverter data via RS485 and/or Wi-Fi.
The router can communicate from the DC1 via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. In case of weak Wi-Fi signals, a secure data connection can thus be ensured.

Commissioning with DC1

Smartphone users can connect directly to the DC1 to access a local interface which can be used for commissioning and configure settings. Previously, all Delta inverters would need to be connected to and commissioned separately. This device simplifies commissioning and maintenance of both existing and new Delta solar installations as the data and configuration settings of all inverters can be configured via a single interface.

Help for commissioning with DC1 can be found here.

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