• M88H CF Model Inverter
  • M88H ST Model Inverter with string terminals
  • M88H CF Model Inverter - input/output panel view on wiring box
  • M88H mounting bracket shown offset on rear of inverter

Maximum profitability

The M88H Inverter has a peak efficiency of 98.8% and has built-in and replaceable AC and DC-side Type II SPDs (surge protection devices). Maximum apparent power 73 kVA / 88 kVA (400 VAC / 480 VAC). 

Flexible applications

Suitable for 400V or 480V AC Grid voltage, Al or Cu cables and 18 x MC4 connector pairs (CF) with string monitoring or DC screw terminals (ST). 2 MPP trackers and a high maximum input voltage up to 1100V allow for extra flexibility in system design.

Convenient wiring box

Convenient and separate wiring box available with built-in Type 2 AC and DC SPDs and certified to protection class II. Two variants: CF model includes 2 x 9 pair Multi-Contact MC4 connectors and string fuses; ST model features AC and DC Terminal Blocks.

Cost advantages

Compared to a central inverter, the M88H string inverter (CF version) will not require additional string combiner boxes. Because of the relatively low weight, pickup trucks and simple lifting devices are sufficient for transport and lifting the unit at the installation site.


Due to new product dimensions, please note the part numbers are updated as follows:

M88H_122 Model:  RPI883M122300

M88H_121 Model:  RPI883M121300

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