M100A Flex

  • M100A_280 solar inverter
  • M100A_280 solar inverter
  • M100A_280 solar inverter
  • M100A_280 solar inverter
  • M100A_280 solar inverter

Maximum profitability and versatility

The M100A_280 Inverter has a peak efficiency of 98.7 % and has built-in and replaceable AC and DC-side Type II SPDs (surge protection devices). 8 MPP trackers are featured for optimum energy harvest on commercial rooftops with multiple angles as well as a wide input voltage range from 200 – 1100 V.  The maximum voltage withstand is 1100 VDC. The inverter starts to work when the PV voltage drops below 1000 VDC.

Flexible system design

For the system planner, maximum flexibility is ensured thanks to a wide input voltage range of 200 - 1000 V and 8 MPP trackers. The new unit is compatible with major types of PV modules and the robust IP66 rated enclosure allows outdoor installation.

Simple Installation

The compact design of the M100A greatly simplifies installation. The inverters include a unique wall mount bracket in the scope of delivery, allowing the units to be easily installed on a variety of wall surfaces. Optional feet for ground mounting are also available. 

Innovative design

A large easy to open front door offers safe and easy access (safety class II) to internal components. Advanced features include arc fault and reverse polarity protection, Anti-PID feature, reactive power compensation 24/7, as well as data point collection for string monitoring and I-V curve creation.

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