Vandel, Denmark

Large-scale solar PV installations in Vandel, Denmark totalling 75MWAC / 113.1MWp

Solar farm Vandel was constructed at the site of a former military airbase and now covers the electricity demands of around 32,250 households.

PV Systems: 189 solar PV installations with 75MWAC / 113.1MWp capacity
Number of inverters: 1508 Delta RPI M50As
Total CO2 saved: 46,410 Tonnes per annum

The project was completed in just 18 weeks and features a total of 1508 Delta M50A inverters.  Expected annual gross production of all the installations is 107.6 MWh / MWp.  

The solar farm occupies an area of 160 hectares and former runways and taxiways at the Vandel airbase are ideal to give access to the park equipment and solar arrays.  

The solar farm is located in the community of Vandel, close to Billund, home of the first Legoland park.

The project demonstrates how solar power can be an increasingly attractive energy source, even in Northern Europe thanks to a short construction phase and lower technology costs than in the past. 

Delta was proud to have contributed to this clean energy project with its M50A solar inverters and technical expertise.

  • Aerial view
  • Aerial view

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