With voltages of 1500 VDC / 800 VAC and an output power of 225 kW, this inverter is the perfect choice for large ground-mounted systems in the power plant sector. Delta's extensive experience in the use of string inverters in solar PV plants of several hundred megawatts has been incorporated into the development of the M225HV.

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AC components

Separate AC wiring box with removable cable feed for easier cable handling. Suitable for aluminum and copper cables up to 300 mm2. Separate cable gland for single-conductor PE cables. Optional cable feed for single-conductor AC cables.

DC components

8 MPP trackers for 2 module strings each with safe disconnection via 3 automatic DC disconnectors. Suitable number of Amphenol Pro PV plugs included in the scope of delivery.

Communication options

Integrated PLC interface for powerline communication with the separately obtainable PLC100 converter from Delta. Hot-pluggable communication card with 2x RS485, 6 digital inputs and 2 dry contacts. 

Special features

In addition to functions such as anti-PID, reverse polarity protection and arc detection, the M225HV also features PLC communication, a waveform recorder and an extended MPP tracker function. 

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