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New M225HV M350HV string inverters
June 14, 2024

New M225HV M350HV string inverters

Delta presents its new 225kW and 350kW inverters for PV parks with complex layouts

Delta is proud to introduce its latest solar solution, designed to revolutionize utility-scale solar projects. Our new M225HV / M350HV inverters are built with 8 MPP / 12 MPP trackers, offering unparalleled flexibility in PV system design. Coupled with an extremely wide MPPT voltage range, these inverters ensure optimal performance under various conditions. Each MPPT can handle up to 44kW of power, ensuring robust performance even in large-scale installations. Additionally, our MPP Large Power Design and Global MPP Scanning Technology improve overall yield, maximizing the energy output from your PV plant. In scenarios involving partial shading, with this function, the MPP trackers are capable of generating additional power from unshaded PV strings, further enhancing the system's efficiency.

The inverters support voltages up to 1500 VDC and 800 VAC, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and enhancing its versatility. With a peak efficiency of 99%, it translates into maximum energy yield from your PV panels, ensuring the best return on your investment. For improved protection, the inverters include automated DC disconnectors. A significant innovation in these inverters is the built-in Power Line Communication (PLC) module, which eliminates the need for RS485 cables (additional Delta PLC100 converter required).

Ease of handling is another key attribute, enabling quick and efficient installation and maintenance. Therefore, the inverters are equipped with a separate AC wiring box. In addition to a wide-opening door, the AC wiring box offers several connection options for single-core and multi-core cables. The cover with the cable glands can be removed to simplify cable entry.

With Delta inverters, you gain an efficient, flexible, and robust solution for planning and executing your PV park projects. Equip your projects with Delta’s M225HV / M350HV inverters for superior performance and reliability.


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