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New PLC100 converter
June 14, 2024

New PLC100 converter

Delta’s new PLC100 converter further simplifies connectivity for new M225HV / M350HV inverters

Delta is proud to reveal their new PLC100 converter, specially designed for their new M225HV and M350HV inverters. This converter ensures seamless compatibility with these two Delta inverters, enhancing the efficiency and ease of your solar installations. The PLC100 converter enables effortless connection to monitoring systems, allowing for real-time data tracking and management of your PV systems. By utilizing Power Line Communication (PLC), the converter significantly reduces cabling costs, eliminating the need for additional RS485 cables. Additionally, it offers an impressive transmission distance of up to 1000 meters, ensuring reliable communication over long distances without signal degradation.

The graphic depicts the integration of Delta's M225HV and M350HV inverters within a solar power system, showcasing how data is communicated through Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. The system includes solar modules connected to the inverters, which then interface with various monitoring and management systems. At the core of this setup, solar modules generate power and connect to the M225HV and M350HV inverters. For efficient monitoring and management, data transmission is essential. In PLC, a device is required to transmit and receive data. When transmitting data between two devices, the data is first modulated at the transmitter. This modulated signal is then superimposed on the AC or DC power supply voltage. This means that the data signal travels along the same wires that carry electrical power, reducing the need for additional cabling. At the receiver end, the data is extracted by separating the power supply voltage from the modulated signal using a filter. The modulated signal is then demodulated to retrieve the original data. This process ensures that the data can be accurately monitored and managed.

By using our Delta PLC100 converter together with our new M225HV and M350HV inverters, this system minimizes the need for extensive cabling, lowers installation costs, and maintains signal integrity over long distances, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of the solar power system.


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