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The Smarter E / Intersolar 2024
June 14, 2024

The Smarter E / Intersolar 2024

Explore Delta’s Innovative Solar, Energy Storage, and E-Mobility Solutions at The Smarter E / Intersolar 2024!

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Delta, a global leader in power management and IoT-based smart green solutions, is set to unveil its energy infrastructure solutions at The Smarter E Europe 2024. With the theme ‘Optimizing Energy Efficiency and Enabling Carbon Neutrality,’ Delta will showcase its pioneering innovations in EV charging, photovoltaic (PV) inverters, energy storage systems, and energy management systems. These cutting-edge solutions are crafted to tackle the pressing challenges faced by utilities, commercial enterprises, and industrial sectors as they work to meet both their customers' energy needs and their own Net Zero goals in the dynamic energy landscape. Delta's commitment to a sustainable future is evident in its relentless pursuit of energy efficiency and carbon neutrality, positioning itself at the forefront of the green energy revolution.

At Smarter E Europe 2024, Delta presents its comprehensive energy infrastructure solutions, including:

Utility and Grid Energy Infrastructure Solutions

Delta’s solutions maximize solar revenue and enhance power grid stability by addressing supply-demand imbalances and unexpected events. Highlights include:

  • M225HV and M350HV Solar Inverters: Supporting up to 1500 VDC and 800 VAC with 99% peak efficiency, 8 or 12 MPP trackers, an ultra-wide MPPT voltage range, a PLC module, and an inbuilt AC waveform recorder.
  • PCS3450 MV Skid Solution: Ideal for utility-scale energy storage, offering up to 3.45 MW power output, compatibility with mainstream battery technologies, and integrated with a 34.5kV medium voltage transformer and switchgear.
  • UniESS C Series: A containerized battery system for megawatt-scale storage, addressing construction costs, space limitations, and safety concerns.

Commercial and Industrial Energy Infrastructure Solutions

Delta integrates EV charging, PV systems, energy storage, and energy management for optimal energy utilization, enhancing both CAPEX and grid efficiency.

  • UniESS S Series: A skid-based, plug-and-play energy storage system for small-scale applications, featuring preconfigured power conditioning, batteries, cabling, switchgear, and control systems.
  • PCS1500 Power Conditioning System: Offers power conversion from 1000 to 1750 kVA with 98.4% efficiency, ideal for power backup, peak shaving, PV self-consumption, and PV smoothing.

Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Delta provides comprehensive EV charging solutions, including AC chargers, DC chargers, and ultra-fast charging options for various settings.

  • UFC 500 Ultra-Fast EV Charger: Designed for public and heavy-duty applications, it charges heavy-duty vehicles within two hours and supports simultaneous charging for two EVs at up to 250 kW each. Integrated with DeltaGrid® EVM and containerized energy storage, it reduces grid pressure and exemplifies smart energy management.

Join us at Delta's booth in hall B3, stand 350, from June 19th to 21st, to discover the future of smart energy infrastructure. Don't miss this opportunity to see our cutting-edge innovations firsthand. For more details, visit: Delta at Smarter E 2024


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