dynamic feed-i

Dynamic feed-in control

Solution for dynamic feed-in control on your PV system.

When dynamic feed-in control is set, for example, to 70% of the installed PV power, the self-consumption in a household or building should also be taken into account before the output power of the inverter is reduced.

This is precisely what is possible with Delta’s dynamic feed-in control.

To enable the dynamic feed-in control on your M6A/M8A/M10A you will need to install Delta’s power meter and DC1 data collector.

The currents in the grid are measured via current sensors on the three phases and fed to the DC1 together with the grid voltage on L1/L2/L3 via the RS485.

The M6A/M8A/M10A solar inverters and DC1 data collector can be connected via RS485 or Wi-Fi. An internal Delta Modbus protocol is used for communication.

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